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International Institute of Computer Science & Administration, as the pioneer of IT & Management Education in Kuwait is dedicated to provide best quality of education with outclass teaching expertise and technical facilities. Thus, ICSA warmly welcome to all, regardless of nationality, whoever eager to improve and be competitive in the field of IT & Management.

Its academic heritage can be traced back since 2001. This institution is determined to continue striving hard for arranging and ensuring opportunities to the students for educational and personal development through supportive learning environment.

ICSA is famous for such a high valued trainings and courses among students and employers. That’s the reason ICSA students are rated high among potential employers. Moreover, ICSA is helping successful graduates to land better job opportunities by referring them to the reputable establishments.

ICSA is a trusted name for hands-on training, based in Kuwait. The institute is determined to continue to strive to arrange and ensure comprehensive opportunities for students in educational and personal development through its appropriate supportive learning environment. ICSA is well-known and recognized today for its ability to create the perfect synergy of skills for the student, offering vocational training with a focus on practical experience.

Today the institute is best known for its progressive approach to skilled education coupled with ensuring quality learning to students at a very competitive price. This is an integral requirement of most employers in this day and age.

ICSA offers classes six days a week twelve months a year. The institute provides quality standards for basic and advanced IT, office management, AutoCAD 2D/3D, graphic design, web designing, networking, IELTS, English spoken, PC maintenance, and many other courses in related fields. ICSA is famous for such high-valued education and training among many students and employers both in Kuwait and world-wide. This is the reason why ICSA students are rated high with and readily sought by potential employers.

ICSA understands that the demand of quality education coupled with specialized knowledge and training is greater now than it has ever been. The growth in the field of IT and technological development throughout the world will continue to fuel this demand to the extent that success will only come to those with the best preparation.

The institute exists with the aim to educate and train those ambitious and promising students who want to succeed and excel in their chosen career-field at a position of responsibility. ICSA ensures this with successful completion of recognized short-term and long-term courses including but not limited to: computing & IT, management and business. 
ICSA head office: Kuwait City Panasonic Tower 8th Floor
Tel: 22467301 
Fax: 22403408


International Institute of Computer Science and Administration (ICSA), Kuwait’s first Computer Institute serving the Filipino community--registered with the Ministry of Education--is located in Maliya, Kuwait City. Formerly known as the Computer Information Technology Center (CITC), it was established in 2001, through the aspirations of Mr. Aamir F. Mohammad, the founder of ICSA, to provide the Filipino community exceptional learning experiences in the field of information technology and administration.

The institute occupies 1,000 square meters in which its building is well-equipped with all the necessary state-of-the-art facilities. It is also considered the home of some of the most experienced and dynamic Filipino faculty-members in the Gulf region, who utilize advanced teaching methodologies. Instructors at ICSA are dedicated and have a reputation for making students feel welcome. ICSA management and staff believe that there is a need to adjust the instruction of students to the needs of modernization, the world and the future in order to advance education to its highest level.

This belief helped the institute in maintaining its commitment to competitive information technology and administration programs. ICSA continues to grow among the world-leading institutes of computer science and information technology.

The institute maintains to attract the vast Filipino majority in Kuwait and is renowned nationally and internationally for the quality of its teaching and effectiveness of its programs. ICSA remains one of most successful institutes in Kuwait.

Since its founding, ICSA has placed a priority on helping the Filipino community in creating better career opportunities. ICSA provides competitive programs and courses that give students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as individuals as well as professionals. In fact, graduates of ICSA have a strong record of success in attaining employment and income levels well above average. ICSA qualifications are highly regarded by employers and our graduates form a powerful network of success across all industries and endeavors.

The institute helps in the practical realization of further studies of information technology and administration that lead to further business development. By maintaining its focus on providing career-oriented programs that are innovative and responsive to students' and employers' needs, ICSA will continue providing services to the Filipino community of Kuwait as well as all over the world.


To be internationally recognized as a premier information technology and administration learning institution, engaged in the discovery of knowledge, integration and their applications with a global perspective, that educates through innovative, responsive and career-oriented programs.

ICSA is committed to the provision of quality education which emphasizes high academic expectation in the field of information technology and administration to provide the students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as individuals and as professionals.

  • ·         Promote academic excellence and provide opportunity to enhance student’s skills that will empower them to reach their potential
  • ·         Provide career-oriented programs with a primary focus on those programs that are innovative and responsive to the needs of students and employers
  • ·         Ensure the highest quality of learning, teaching, and professional practice in a technologically-enabled environment and
  • ·         Contribute to the advancement of IT and participate productively and responsively in a rapidly-changing society.

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